Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The first annual sister-cation

Forgive me Stephy. I know it’s taken me a while to write about this...but in my own defense I will tell you that my anticipation of the impending ‘sister-cation’ has been lost somewhere between daycare transitions, a brutal flu, planning a new house renovation, endless weekend plans and house visitors, my 32nd birthday, two VERY big launches at work, and a little search for family sanity in the down moments.

But it’s Tuesday. And we’re leaving Thursday... SO LET’S DO THIS!   


My sister and I are tight. Very tight.  We’re 22 months apart and have shared just about everything together.  And sometimes even by choice.

It hasn’t always been so buddy buddy. But hey, all kids fight (Stephanie was VERY bossy as a child - *wink*), and in the moments that have mattered, we have always had each others back.  We were each other's maids of honour, we are our children’s god mothers, we talk daily (yes, DAILY), she is my confidant with a conscience and the girl can call me out on anything, in a split second.  She has inspired me to be a good mom, to be calm in moments I never used to be, and to let go of things I can’t control.  And I even bake now. And believe me when I tell you that I bake purely out of competitiveness.  She got the Martha gene. I did not.

So as great as all that sounds... History has proven that there are two very big things we don’t do well together.

(1) We don’t keep secrets from our mom well.  “Don’t tell mom” basically means mom is getting a call within a New York minute of your conversation ending. Unless of course, we’re both implicated in said secret. Then we tell her together when we’ve had too many glasses of wine thinking it’s funny.


(2) We don’t travel well together.

The last point isn’t probably that fair, but if our trip to Barbados in 2000 is my only point of reference... We have some making up to do.  Hopefully the eleven years between trips and now actually being moms, will make compromise a bit easier for us. :)

How we ended up choosing Vegas for this weekend away (my first away from my husband AND child, and a long overdue mom-cation for her), escapes us both.  It is going to be a bazillion degrees in Vegas, and I am quite sure we could have gone to spas and a show in a closer city.  And it seems more “relaxing” is on the agenda than “partying”. Anyway, the point is we’re going away TOGETHER, JUST THE TWO OF US, and it’s going to be FUN!!!!    We’ve been emailing each other numerous times a day since April about this trip.  I think we have a “to do” list long enough to spend a month in Vegas, let alone a couple of days.

My mom things we should make this getaway annual. Let’s see what the reaction is when we get back. :)

Stay tuned for more details.  I can already hear the pillow top bed calling my name. 


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