Monday, May 9, 2011

Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma

So obviously I am completely guilty of not writing a mother's day post. Bad Mommy blogger.

Better late than ever, right?

The truth is, it was sort of a rough weekend. I was silly, and will admit I sort of had high expectations for mother's day. Actually I will be honest, I had high expectations for the entire weekend. I don't know what I was thinking?  That maybe some magical force would make the clouds part and shine this miraculous light down from above that would automatically make all mother's glow in the most delightful, restful and peaceful day... and of course the deepest sleep ever.

Talk about setting expectations just a WEE bit too high eh? We had such a lovely weekend... but mother's day doesn't really eliminate a lot of the realities of being a mom? Does it.

So, I definitely got the delight part. The sleep not so much.   As timing would have it, I pulled my back out on Friday morning, which was met with my child going through some of his toughest teething days yet. Not a great combination. But we definitely made the best of it.  I feel I should mention how awesome of a husband I have. He pulled out all the stops to make it a wonderful weekend for me.

We enjoyed the sun, some antiquing, a delicious brunch, some wonderful margaritas and I also enjoyed an amazing spa day on Saturday (what great timing for a back injury). But most importantly, we enjoyed each other. And even though I am sometimes a slow study... it wasn't lost on me that is exactly what these holidays are all about. Just spending time as a family and loving each other.

So, I am doing this little project right now for my return to the working world. I asked a bunch of moms and dads that I know to give me a list of things that they would share (without judgement) about being a parent. Regardless of what stage they are at.  A dear mommy friend said this and I can't think of words more true to share on mothers day.

~ Being a mom is the greatest love you will ever know in your life. Ever.  And with every fiber of your being you will immediately and completely understand your own mother. If you're lucky, you will be able to go to her and thank her and apologize to her and love her even more than you ever have before. ~

Thanks Heather.

I hope this weekend that you were able to share in some way the wonderfulness that is a mother's love. Even if just by memory, by phone, or by thought. I have never felt so lucky to be included in a group of women.


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