Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art Strollers

One last awesome Toronto resource to blog about as I finish up my last few days of leave. Art Strollers is a fantastic resource for Toronto mommies. Specifically they offer workshops, gallery tours, museum tours, stroller friendly walks, and hands on art workshops for mothers and children in Toronto.  All events are child friendly and built around a creative atmosphere.   Recently I participated in one of their workshops called Simply Babies, with my mommy friends. It is an idea that is taking flight within the Toronto mommy network. Honestly, it's such an awesome idea that I am sure photographers everywhere will soon borrow/build on the idea.

Basically, it's photography done in a group setting. In our case, the work shop was held in a super cool art gallery in the distillery district.  Since our shoot was right before mother's day, the focus was on mom and baby (other workshops focus on family). Perfect for my group of mom friends who are all heading back to work. What a great way to wrap up our mat leave together and with our babies.  And to be honest... all too often are moms actually the ones behind the lens. I don't know about you, but there is WAY more pictures of Rory and daddy, than Rory and mommy.

Anyway, one hour of super casual and candid interacting in a big space with our kids, and we all walked away with fantastic shots with us and our babes for under 50$ (even cheaper depending on the size of digital files you wanted to end up with).  Thank you Andrew Taylor - what a great afternoon and way to mark my first year as a mom.

Below is a sample of what we got. Check em out. And then check 'them' out.


And my beautiful mommy friends who I could not have made it through this year without.

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  1. Glad you liked the shots! - It was fun working with you all.