Friday, December 31, 2010

Saying Good-Bye to a year that was...

my best ever. If you measure this year simply by the changes in my life... I am one lucky girl. In one year, I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, our first beautiful home in Toronto, and of course the birth of our incredibly happy and handsome (if I do say so) first child. Added to that, is the health and happiness of my family and friends, and all of the other beautiful children that have been born to those close to us. 2010 has been spectacular.  It's hard not to sit here amazed when I think back to all that has come to pass in one single year. It has been a big one. It has been a special one.... It has been one of my absolute favourites.  As I look toward the year ahead it's a different excitement, there are different expectations, there are different goals and challenges. Being a mom has changed me for the better. It has changed the two of us, into a family. A family I am so excited to see grow and change in the year ahead.

Happy New Year Everyone. All our love and best in 2011!


Photo Credit - Heather Lynch

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