Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another handsome little playmate has arrived!

Our good friends Jessica and Andrew welcomed their handsome little Oliver this week! So many new playmates for Rory... AND Oliver is in Toronto (and another on the way)! Hooray! Being a mom just keeps getting better.

Look at this little fella... don't you just want to reach out and maybe bite his cheeks?! Just a little... :) I love him already.

I talked to Jessica tonight and she is doing amazing. AMAZING... and believe me when I tell you this girl was a TROOPER. If you know her, she can tell you the details. If you don't, you can just imagine. :)  

I heart new babies, makes me all teary eyed and Peter hopeful one day I will want to do it again.  ha.

Congratulations Jessica & Andrew! xoxoxo

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