Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Does July feel far away?

Some days yes... especially with Christmas and with all this snow everyone is getting.  But then I think about the  5 1/2 months that have already passed by on my mat leave, and I know in a blink of an eye the warmer weather will approach and this Mamma will be heading back to work. Tear. :(   

In April of last year (when I was 7 months pregnant), I wrote about going back to work. At the time, Peter and I were
looking at day cares in Toronto. Sadly,  we learned that you actually need to be on wait lists here VERY early if you want to get into good care facilities, or actually to get into one at all. I remember being totally overwhelmed by the idea of going back to work before I even had a baby, and also at what we should be looking and asking about when touring care facilities.  I believe I put us on 9 waiting lists. Isn't that ridiculous?  Some of which I was told we were early with our name, others I was told we were late... "what were you doing when you were 4 months pregnant - come on?". I kid you not.

Through my mommy network I am happy to report that we officially have care set up for next summer! YAY! Huge sigh of relief. It's a fantastic spot, in our neighborhood and the best part is that because it isn't city run, there is a SIGNIFICANT savings a month for us. Peter and I have both toured the daycare (which is actually in a older house), and met the care staff most who are early child year specialists or nurses. The best part is that we know some of the other parents/and Rory will know some of the other kids when we start transitioning him in late June. Having this set up and behind us is the best Christmas present. I can just settle in for the winter and really enjoy these last 6 1/2 months with a little guy that gets more fun by the day.  There seriously is a business opportunity here though, finding childcare just should not be this stressful. Regardless of what city you live in.

So now that child care registration is behind us, onto more xmas decorating!  

Rory's first Christmas has us all feeling extra festive this year! 

Rory loves Christmas. And drooling.


  1. santa looks real, and the stockings look great!

  2. Looks like Rory is taking Santa on a piggy back ride!! Yeeehaw.. Merry Xmas!

  3. Lovin' the HomeSense touches everywhere ;-) Well done Kim, your place looks fantastic! xo

  4. Thanks Lou! I definitely helped your merchandise turn a little faster this year. :)