Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Food Cooking Disaster

I could cry. Instead, I might just mix myself a rum and eggnog. I have gotten a major FAIL in my first attempt at making homemade food for Rory. Lesson learned. Be prepared and have the right equipment. Especially when freezing the ORGANIC food you have PAINSTAKENING prepared.


Pureed just right...

And lovingly divided...

Fresh organic peas, sweet potato, apple and pear.  Just yesterday I thought I was such a good mom preparing all of this late into my evening. Sadly, the peas and sweet potatoes did not freeze well in the ice-cube trays. They are freezer-burnt garbage.  :(

I need to call my sister and find out her secret to freezing food in ice-cube trays. I know it can be done.  In the meantime, I need some more of those fancy containers you see on the right. They did not let me down.


Hopefully my peanut butter cups turn out better. I am doing a cookie exchange with my mommy friends this Thursday. We're also dressing the babies up in holiday clothes! Hopefully Rory will be healthier by then.


  1. Did you try again with the Baby Cubes? Did the peas and sweet potatoes freeze better?

  2. Yes they totally did! I think I just botch my freezing job vs. the actual cooking. The baby cubes are awesome. I bought a lot more of them and they have been fantastic.