Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some new milestones worth mentioning

In all the hype of our first night away (which was awesome - we were fast asleep by 11:30), I forgot to mention Rory is doing two brand new pretty spectacular things.  He is now rolling from his back all the way to his stomach!!!!! AND, he is pretty much sitting on his own! Well, until he face plants into the floor after about 3 minutes.  Thank God for these spongy tiles because Rory's forehead doesn't love my hardwood as much as I do.  This past week Rory could roll to his tummy if I placed him on his side, but this morning I left him on his back and ran to the bathroom and I got back and was greeted with this face. So proud of himself.  Although, he seems to have forgotten how to roll back to his back which is he did earlier on at 3 months. So now he gets stuck and cries. Oh well.... I have no interest in baby proofing my house yet, so he can hang out in this stage for a wee while longer and its A-OK with me.

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