Monday, November 15, 2010

Anticipating a First Christmas

Snow and the approaching holidays seemed so far from thought last week when we were all out enjoying the (seasonally unusual) super warm days. Well, unless you were in a Loblaws, because Christmas officially has exploded in there. Anyway, the warm weather aside... I am getting SO excited for Christmas.  Christmas is already by far my favourite holiday, but having Rory this year is going to make it just SO MUCH FUN! 

So Peter and I have already decided we're not going to go crazy on gifts for Rory this year. Because well, (a) we can't really afford to, and (b) what does a 6 month old really need?  He won't understand gifts, and (3) my sister sent me home last week from Almonte with a ridiculous amount of toys her kids have outgrown. They are all barely used, and each one of them makes an obscene amount of noise. Thanks Aunt Stephanie. I am sure your kids will enjoy the ghetto blasters I am giving them for Christmas too.

Anyway, so the search began for a gift, just one, that we could give Rory for his first Christmas that perhaps he would be able to keep.  I racked my brain trying to think of something and then by chance (as  my girlfriend Lou will tell you, they have designed their stores to do), I came across THIS... at my local HomeSense.

The Bambino Classico Pull Sled

It's made by a company called Mountain Boy Sledworks. Handmade of real birch planks, hand-carved hand rails. Totally gorgeous. It looks like an heirloom, but it is designed for today's hard packed snow and ice. Soooo cool and affordable. If you're looking for a great gift, check these guys out. I am super excited for snow now!! So Rory is getting this and one or two tin toys for the collection we have started for him. Which he will never be able to play with, just look at (kids love those kind of gifts right?)  ha! You can find some of them at Blackbird!

tis' the season! 

Thanks for the super awesome Nano bag Vicki and Josie! How'd you know I wasn't at all prepared for the cold weather?! xo

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