Monday, November 29, 2010

Facebook Freak out & Prepping for Solids

So I am having a facebook freak out.  Two things have happened that have reinforced my desire to remove all the pictures of Rory from facebook (probably slightly OCD but justified in this moment). So I did it. I almost deleted my entire profile but then realized I would literally cut myself off from the world. Dramatic, I know... And probably even more concerning, is that I would never again wish anyone I love happy birthday. Because let's be honest, my memory gets worse by the day. I need to figure out a better way to share pictures. Maybe I will go the old fashion route and start carrying pictures in my wallet. Doesn't that sound civilized?

Other than freaking out over my family's privacy, I am prepping to start Rory on solids!  Can you believe it?  It's like weeks away.  My little baby is growing so fast!  I am reading three books on starting solids, re-reading the material we were given by the Toronto public health,  took one class at the Toronto Public Library called 'Learning to cook for baby' (useless), and I am shopping this week for a....

  1. high chair
  2. food mill
  3. plastic bowls/cups
  4. Oh, and I guess some rice cereal
AND...... I am hosting all mommy friends here on Thursday for our weekly get together.  It's the first time at our house and believe it or not I am sort of anxious about it. Must get my tree up before they come over!

Busy Busy Busy!!


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  1. Baby Beaba rocks! Made all of Sawyer's food and now I make Charlottes!