Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bringing back that lovin' feelin'

 It's a big week! Not only does Rory turn FIVE MONTHS OLD tomorrow, but Friday we celebrate another big milestone in our little family. We're leaving Rory over night in someone elses care (my parents) for the first time!!!??!!! You know... so we can bring back that love and feeling. (read- eat a meal at the same time, drink a little or a lot, listen to some live music AND SLEEP!

Oh do I plan to SLEEP.  

We are heading home to Almonte late tomorrow night and leaving late in the day on Friday for Wakefield PQ. We will be dropping into the Blacksheep Inn and the Wakefield Mill. We plan to have tons o' fun. We had planned to do this in October for our wedding anniversary but I was too nervous. I didn't feel like we we ready. Let's be honest. I wasn't ready.  I am sure Rory wouldn't have missed a beat.

I bought something special for  Rory to wear so he won't be sad without us. I think these will get him sufficient enough attention at my mom and dads on Friday night when the Leafs take on the Sabers from my Leaf worshiping parents.

Can't wait.

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  1. he'll definitely get lots of love and attention with that suit! but let's face it, he would anyway. it's incredible the growth of our little in each of the mesoversary pictures. what a good lad. xoxo