Monday, November 8, 2010

Another anniversary of sorts....

One year ago today, Peter and I had JUST returned from our honeymoon. We arrived back to Toronto via Frankfurt late on a Saturday Nov 7th and were up at the crack of dawn on the Sunday morning due to jet lag. We finally got up at about 5am and decided to go for a walk. We were due to meet my sister Stephanie and her girlfriends for breakfast sometime after 9am at the Senator, and needed to burn off some energy before then. I remember being shocked at how few coffee shops were open at that hour. I thought Toronto was always awake?

We finally found a Starbucks that was open at College Park just after 630am and waited there reading the paper and drinking coffee as the rest of the city woke up. As we sat sipping coffee, an anxiousness I can not explain grew inside my belly and as soon as I saw the lights flash on in the Shoppers Drugmart across the street, I excused myself and bolted over. I didn't even tell Peter what I was doing.

In the last week of our honeymoon I started feeling weird. It's a weirdness I can't explain, but I knew something was different. For the first couple of days I chalked this feeling up to nothing more than the food and drink we consumed during those glorious days and nights in Portugal and Spain. But that feeling didn't go away, and it was a far different feeling than I had ever had before. Finally when we arrived into Malaga for the final week of our honeymoon, I announced to Peter I thought I was pregnant. He laughed, I smiled anxiously and we both agreed it was a crazy notion.

But my anxiousness didn't go away. I took this picture in the Frankfurt airport because I was sure it would be the last beer I consumed for a while. I wanted the memory if that was the case.

So, on that early Sunday morning back in Toronto I knew the only thing that would ease the unknown, was confirming one way or another if our family of two was indeed going to become a family of three.

I sat through breakfast and we made our way back to our Cabbagetown apartment and I headed straight for the bathroom, and with shaky hands, a queasy stomach, and an "I told you so smile", this is what I carried back out with me....

Confirmation I was approx 3 weeks pregnant!!!

In those first few moments of shock, nervousness, excitement and well let's be honest shock... it was so hard to picture our lives a year from that day. Life really does change in a blink of an eye doesn't it?

So it's a day of looking back, and a moment to be reminded of all the wonderful things this world has given us in the last year and the greatest of which for me,  is becoming a mom.


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