Monday, October 18, 2010

The Wonder/Wander - First Anniversary

One year... in many ways it seems like much longer than a year (like this morning when I am sure I only slept a few hours last night). But in so many other ways, it feels like the quickest (and busiest) year of my life. In any case, we had a wonderful first anniversary, wandering the city as a family and soaking up as much of this amazing fall weather as possible.

Saturday we had family pictures taken here at our house and down the street at a park by photographer/friend Heather Lynch. It will be fun to compare pictures taken EXACTLY one year apart once we get to see them! We then ventured out for our very first experiment with Rory in a restaurant at dinner time (read - his fussy time).  To our enjoyment, and let's be honest... to our SHOCK, Rory was a total dream at dinner. Maybe we tuckered the little guy out taking pictures all afternoon... whatever the case, he drank a bottle and then we sat him in his stroller and turned around minutes later and he was SLEEPING!!  And it didn't end there, we came home, bathed him and he slept from 8pm to 6am and then got up and ate and cuddled back in our bed to sleep until 930am!  I truly believe it was his anniversary present to us.

My camera was without batteries for most of the weekend so we didn't get any pictures from yesterday, but I did charge it in time to grab some shots of our late evening dinner celebration last night. It took us one year to start (mistakeningly) dressing alike, so we're calling it our plaid anniversary.

I recently have been wondering what my intention is with this blog. Should I continue, should I end it now?  I don't really have a theme or a point other than to ramble about my life and my little family, but given my hits, some of you apparently find that interesting.  Anyway, I found my solution! You can make a blog into a book! On Rory's first birthday, I am going to bind up this blog  into a little book of memories and give it to him as a keepsake.  Maybe then, I will have figured out my mat leave million dollar idea to take up all my extra time.


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