Sunday, October 31, 2010

Game Changers

It's a whole new game here on Baltic Avenue.

So, while we were at Rory's doctors appointment last week, our pediatrician took Rory through the standard developmental evaluation or Nipissing District Developmental Screen.  Rory's evaluation was all high fives and hoorays, so what do we now DO with all those checks in boxes you ask?

Well,  apparently it means that Rory's head and neck control is more than strong enough for bigger motor skill development toys like an Exersaucer and Jumperoo.  Already?!! But he is only 4 months old!! I will admit, this one took me by surprise a bit. He's growing up so fast!

Ok, and she also casually pointed out it will help pop out his slightly flat head at the back. Oops.

So it's a whole new playtime these days...we have officially retired our baby swing and play mats to make way for the next round of toys.  Personally I think these Exersaucer things are terrifying. Talk about over stimulation. Or maybe it's because every SINGLE BUTTON makes a different sound on these puppies. Anyway, Rory seems to dig it.  And anything he digs, means more time for me to do things like load the dish washer. Or make more coffee.

Kudos to Peter for assembling the Exercauser today. Someone should really think about writing a "What to Expect when you're setting up children's toys for the first time" book. And they should cross merchandise it with a case of beer. Seriously.

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