Monday, October 25, 2010

October Family Time

What a great weekend! We took advantage of the gorgeous day on Saturday and headed out early for brunch on the Danforth. We don't have much experience with Rory in busy restaurants (with the exception of our anniversary weekend) so we headed out with some trepidation and ended up by chance meeting up with good friends of ours and their two kids (who live around the corner but we never see). The kids were angels!

We then headed out to a pumpkin patch to do some of the requisite fall family activities. Hay wagon ride - check, corn maze - check, pumpkin patch - check, soft serve ice cream and gingerbread - check!

 Since we were already out of the city we decided to do what is one of my favourite things about Almonte and "drop in" on great friends of ours in Newmarket who we also rarely get to see. It ended up turning into such an enjoyable evening of dinner, great chats and lots of laughs. Thanks Cedar, Vanessa, Seth & Angus!

As Peter and I drove home to Toronto on Saturday at 10pm we realized we had literally been out of the house since 10am in the morning. 12 spontaneous hours out and about with Rory and he was as good as gold. Lots of smiles, laughs and naps! We have ourselves a good baby. I will say it again, not sure if it is something we're doing right or if this kid comes by this honestly all on his own, but there is lots to smile about despite the rain this Monday morning.


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