Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mom & Baby Milestones

So, today was our last mommy/baby class, well the one organized by Toronto Public Health. I can't believe 6 weeks has gone by so quickly. Well I can't believe almost 4 months has gone by, but I will save that for another post.   I remember being so worried about the first class, and to be honest, just getting out the door back then was still a challenge.  All in all, I am really glad I went. It has been so great connecting with other moms who have babies of a similar age, finding out about resources in my neighborhood and also getting answers to my endless list of mommy questions. Or at the very least hearing what other moms have done/are doing in similar situations.  I think the best part has been just getting out to something regular each week. Wednesdays have had a structure/activity, which has been more helpful than I think I have even realized. So, I think I am going to keep in touch with a few of the moms. We all exchanged a master contact list but I am sure the group will break off into individual smaller groups. So today was graduation day. We celebrated with foot prints, certificates, and cheese/crackers and juice.

The moms I will likely keep in touch with are the group who mentioned it was too bad we forgot the wine.

So now what?  Well... we're starting a music class, that's what.  Peter and I signed Rory up for a music program for babies called Musical Munchkins. Music is supposed to be good for a child's emotional. social and intellectual growth. And, the program sort of promises your kid will be a little Beethoven upon completion, so whats to lose?  kidding.  But it's something to do until xmas, and then we start Diaper Fit in January which is the baby/caregiver swimming class I have been dying to start.

So the final topic today in our group was childcare.  The mention of childcare makes my stomach turn for numerous reasons.  Living in a city without grandparents sucks. Plain and simple. And so does endless wait lists at Toronto's limited and expensive day cares. Ugh. Would someone just hire one of us in Ottawa already?

Rory has gone through a stroller graduation too. Bye Bye baby-basinette, hello world in my big boy seat.



  1. You're hired! Seriously. Just come. I'll drum up the work. There's MORE than enough to go around and the town's all revved up after an exciting guest speaker at our Chamber Gala Wednesday night. We invited Rebecca LeHoop, the woman who spearheaded the culinary tourism movement in Prince Edward County to come inspire Almonte to be more creative in boosting tourism.
    The town is a buzz!

  2. That smiley pic of Rory is priceless.
    Ewwww to winter.