Friday, October 15, 2010

What a year can make....

One year ago today Peter and I were up in Prince Edward County at the little cottage we had rented with my family freezing our asses off (the furnace wasn't working haha).  We were beyond excited for the arrival of the rest of our loved ones, and of course for our wedding day.   I remember carefully choosing the play list for the road trip to the county, and taking pictures like this one...

so I could look back and fondly remember those moments, and also remember the way Peter held my hand while he drove for almost the entire trip up there.  Looking back, there is not a single thing I would have changed about our wedding weekend. It was perfect.

What a year it has been... a wedding, a honeymoon, a pregnancy, a first house purchase, a first house renovation, a move (not a first), and then the arrival of Rory and the beginning of our family. If you blinked this year, you missed something major in our lives.

So what hasn't changed in a year?
Well really the only important ones are; how much I love my husband hasn't changed, and the commitment that I will give my time to him and our family for as long as I have never will.

Our first dance on our wedding night, was to a song written by a wonderful lifetime friend of ours who stood for us on our wedding day, and now a year later, is Rory's god father. Adam Puddington.

As he so poetically has written, All I have is time.

Have a listen.


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