Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tipping the scales at healthy

At a healthy 10lbs. Can you believe it?  Our last doctor's appointment was only 5 weeks ago and Rory weighed 6lbs 5 oz, now is he a very healthy 10lbs. I was shocked. I even asked if that was too much weight for him to have gained so fast. But our new and fabulous pediatrician (we switched Rory's doctor because his first one was useless), told me that he is "perfect" (I am quite sure she tells all parents that, but she had me at perfect), and that coming up into the 25th percentile  for weight was excellent at this stage given he was considered full term at 37 1/2 weeks (so not pre-mature) but small and babies generally stay within the same percentile they were born into, which wouldn't have been great in Rory's case for weight.  Oh, and he is 23 inches which apparently puts him into the 50th percentile for height.  So... I can finally relax, our "little" guy is catching up to the other babies his age. Hooray!!!

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  1. Kim, that is FANTSTIC news!!! I'm so happy to hear it! He looks so big and handsome! Well done mommy! xoxoxo