Thursday, August 19, 2010

How sweet it is....

Yesterday was a great day...Rory and I travelled out to Markham to see friends of the family- the Hick's and had a great visit. It reaffirmed my desire to connect with more moms, to get out of the house more, and once again made me appreciate family and valley ties.

This morning Rory took a rare nap from 730am-10:15am and I was able to get a ton done, including a great chat with my mom, a shower, the dishes, a fridge clean out, a grocery list and a load of laundry!  Call me Martha.

So... all to say it still surprises me that every day can be so different as a new mom. One minute Rory and I are competing for size and quantity of tears, and the next a friend sends a picture like this from a quick impromptu living room shoot and I am the happiest and most smitten mom on the block.

We're planning a full family shoot for the fall with our friend Heather Lynch when the weather is cooler (it also happens to be our favourite season), and completely appropriate for our Autumn Surprise don't you think? Stay tuned for those...


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  1. ah, the Autumn Surprise! i love you two and am so happy the last couple of days have been good ones.