Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nursing my disappointment

I made only a few promises to myself of 'things I would do differently' with our second child. I am too tired to get into the full list, but one of the biggest ones was to better set myself up for nursing success. I was a bit unprepared with Rory... brought on largely by an early delivery, just having moved into our new house, and him being born so small.

Anyway, one of the things I think is essential to nursing success, is a comfortable place to do it. Short of taking our child to the living room multiple times a night, I never had a comfortable chair.  There were many contributing factors to why Rory and I weren't the most successful nursing duo... and a comfortable chair I am counting as one of them.

So... that leads me to my search in this pregnancy for "the" chair. I'll show you the ones I want...

Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Grand Swivel Glider

Or this one... the Monte Luca Glider and Ottoman

I've sat in both of these chairs and believe me when I tell you... they are both SO comfortable. Like chair heaven. Like forget the 9 hours of back labour you just endured, the stitches you were given in places you don't recognize, or the haze that has moved over your brain that won't lift for months and months... because this chair is going to save your life. Yes, they are THAT comfortable.  Almost comfortable enough to make you forget how difficult it can be to have a child attached to your breast for hours a day.

So here's the issue. They are both fucking ridiculously expensive. There I did it. I dropped the f-bomb on my blog for the first time. It's been a long time coming. And it's been that kind of month.

Can we really afford to spend 1000.00 on chair? No. Sadly, we can't.

So... I've been looking for a good alternative. And typical to my desire for instant gratification and to have all my 'to do's' with neat little checks beside them... I ordered a chair and ottoman online that "looked" like it would be comfortable.  Without ever sitting in it. Brilliant.

It arrived today. And after exchanging some words with UPS this afternoon, it actually arrived to MY house.

So, Peter assembled it and invited me to come try it out.  Tears easily welled up in my eyes immediately when I sat in it. I hate it. It's hands down the most uncomfortable chair I've ever sat it.  It will not save my life after back labour. It will not make me forget about stitches or my sore breasts. In fact, it will likely make it all worst. That's how UNCOMFORTABLE this chair is. Why is nothing easy? Or inexpensive?

I am so so so sad to tell you that we packed this baby back into the packaging that took Peter 45 minutes to take off... and it's going back Saturday.

Back to the nursing chair drawing board. 

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  1. Kim! Monte sells floor models and seconds at a deep discount. Our Luca has a tiny tear that they repaired on the bottom of one leg and that counted for a 40% discount. Ottoman was much cheaper, too. It's a storage (not glider Ottoman) but there's nothing wrong with it and we've been very happy with it.

    Also, this book: