Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baby Eviction Notice

Spring is here, the sun is out, the house is unpacked, the nursery is ready, the car seat is ready, my bag is packed, and St. Patrick's Day has come and gone... so where or where is this baby?  

I am SO ready to make this happen.  But this kid clearly is calling their own arrival time... that is for sure.   With Rory there was little of this waiting game.  At 37 weeks we had just gotten the basics together for his arrival. It's a totally different story with this little one. I've been ready for weeks now.  I guess I learned a thing or two the first time around, or just have had more time to nest without a reno ongoing.

Rory is sleeping MUCH better, if you're interested.  The white noise has worked wonders. It was enough to keep me out of his room (read - prevent me from hearing him chatter), and that has resulted in him ending his night-time monologues.  I've been reading a lot more about night talking, and I think maybe that is what SOME of it was. Then... I would go in to 'shush' him and probably actually end up waking him up, prolonging the whole ordeal.  Whatever the case may be, I love our new fan, and Rory also loves his... but we especially love our sleeping and happy toddler.

Rory and I had a great day today! Now that we are getting some sleep and he is happier during the day, combined with the sun being out, I am LOVING all of these moments we're getting together before our world changes.  It's amazing what some sleep can do.    I must say as I round the final corner in this pregnancy... round two is VERY VERY different than round one.  In short, you get zero time to put your feet up. ZERO.  It's less about you. Case in point, today I went for a 30 minute walk, played hockey outside, played "chase" outside,  played soccer outside, bbq'd steak for Peter's dinner, bathed my kid, and chased him in all the moments in between.  Take that 39 weeks pregnant.

Rory is a lot of fun these days. He says new words every day, makes me laugh constantly, and is such a little boy now.  His recent obsession with trucks and trains is pretty awesome. And repetitive.

A few pictures from our day out in the spring sun.  23 degrees if you can believe it.

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