Thursday, September 8, 2011

You have got to be kidding me

At 5 months pregnant I was armed with daycare lists, ratings, questions and BOOKED appointments to review and wait list ourselves for the best of the best in our neighborhood and work vicinity.  At 6 months pregnant, Peter and I had toured over TEN daycares and were wait listed on a total of 14.  Once we had Rory I continued to search for childcare options and used my amazing mommy network to get ourselves set up in what we believed was a wonderful home daycare option.  Meanwhile, we stayed on all the wait lists for daycares. When Rory was 9 months, we added even more options to our list in preparation for my return to work and lack of response from our wait listed daycares.

In short,  I heeded ALL warnings that daycares, and the daycare waitlist process in Toronto is a total (pardon my mood), and utter shit show.

I was prepared.  More than prepared.  I am always prepared when it comes to my kid... And this is how I am rewarded?

In total we got into 5 daycares. Five of I don’t even know how many. We chose the one we’re in because of the proximity to my husband. He works in the building. Rory has been going to Waterpark Place Child Care Centre operated by George Brown since August.  It has been going extremely well. He loves it there, and the staff love him.  Which makes us as parents very happy and relaxed.

And then the Ontario College Support Workers went on strike and totally eff’d it all up.  

Honestly, I am so mad. More than mad actually.  I couldn’t actually care less what the hell OPSEU is talking about or what they want.  All I care about is my FOURTEEN MONTH OLD CHILD,  has no where to go.  Children thrive off consistency, structure and routine.  A daycare based on the founding principles of internationally acclaimed early childhood education research should know this.  They should have given us options.  We should have been considered when “accommodations were being made”.    Just like many other parents in this city, we don't have family options to lean on for childcare support. It's me or my husband.

So we don't feel considered. We don't feel heard. We don't even feel like anyone cares. They threw the baby out with the bathwater.

 We aren’t talking about college students, we’re talking about BABIES and KIDS.

So here is what I want.  I want you to get back to work and take your pay raise crap up at review time like the rest of the world. I have better things to do than look for another daycare.  Who is going to reimburse me for my time?  For my mom’s time?  Who is supposed to care that you have totally screwed with my kids schedule?

Honestly, I hope when these daycares reopen that all the parents have found other permanent solutions. 

And hopefully we’re one of them. I would like a real strong message given to you.  It’s not the staff’s fault. They are all very lovely and have loved my son.  But I need someone to be mad at. So OPSEU it’s you.  Get your head out of your ass and do something to help. Because right now... this is a total joke.

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