Monday, September 26, 2011

Protecting your pictures online

As most of you know, we have recently learned a hard lesson about protecting the pictures we post online. Especially when it comes to our child. But, I do not need to rant more than I have already about that. :)

So current personal bias aside about facebook, the honest truth is that when it comes to sharing your life with loved ones that are far away (like the growth of a baby, or your holiday adventures etc), facebook is probably indeed the best place to reach everyone. 

So if you are going to post pictures online, I have recently learned that one very easy way to protect yourself and your pictures, is to watermark them.  You see photographers do this all the time... but the great thing is, you really don't have to be a pro to do it.  There are some fantastic (free) online resources that you can watermark your photography in minutes. Minutes that are worth the effort, believe me.

Check it out.

A click of a few upload buttons, and you get a safe and subtle watermark that ensures images are protected if some crazy wacko chooses to try and pass your child off as their own.

On a happier note, here are some photos we took on Sunday as a family at Springridge Farm. An outing to celebrate the beginning of our favourite season - FALL! Watermarked of course!

Corn Maze
 So many pumpkins to choose from... and sit on.
 Of course these warty ones were Rory's favourite
 Walking the corn maze
 Lessons from daddy about corn
 pumpkin in a tub!
 First pony ride!
 puppet show!
 Yay for fall, and funny puppets!!!


  1. yes, rory has learned much about corn...especially corny humour.

  2. hi there! I found your blog through the 25 canadian something moms something ;) (I can never remember what it's called). We also went to springridge farm a few weeks ago and I posted the exact same photos (same places, same poses, different people obviously). It was fun!!
    And I hear ya about watermarking photos. I do so too (on and off, actually) after some of my photos cropped up in random polyvore accounts. It was creepy. Reading this has totally made me want to watermark my photos again... I've been kinda lazy about it lately, but there are tons of creeps out there and it's better to play it safe.
    Anyway! loved reading your blog :)
    xxo andrea