Friday, September 16, 2011

Additions to our house and family

So we have two very exciting things to share!  We've begun preparations to add an addition onto our home and to our family!    I don't know if Peter and I will ever live in a brand new home... But I'll be honest sometimes I dream about it... Until then, we are loving the character/charm/challenge of making a space that was created almost 100 years ago feel like our own.

Before the snow flies, we are going to be proud new owners of a masterful new master bedroom.  Now if only I can convince my husband before the room is ready that King size beds do not in fact cause divorces, but instead create the most peaceful slumber ever! :)

If you look at the plan below, that back room doesn't currently exist. 

And eventually will look something like this from the outside.
And in even MORE exciting news and thus the reason we are going to soon run out of space in our home.   Rory is going to be a big brother!!! We are also adding an addition to our family!

We are extremely excited to officially be announcing that our little plum is due March 29th and had his/her first official photo yesterday...

Personally, I am also extremely excited not to be pregnant during the summer months,  and a March baby sounds just about perfect to me.

TGIF & Wish us luck!

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