Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Apples

It was a beautiful weekend here in Toronto. We decided to soak up this Indian Summer weather by checking out a local apple farm.  If you live in the Toronto area and have never been to Chudleigh’s... Like us, you have been seriously missing out. 

Complete with a petting zoo, hay wagon rides,  a country bbq, a giant straw maze and play slides, nature walks and over 100 acres of different kinds of apples that you can pick your own, sample, or just wander through. It is an amazing fall weekend just waiting to happen.  

And you seriously have to taste their pies. And I don’t even really like pie.
I have already made homemade apple sauce and apple muffins! Yum.

Rory went nuts for a real life sheep!!!
 Way too exciting! 
You could actually get right inside with the animals, 
which we did, but I didn't take pictures,
because I was afraid the animals would eat my son. Or vise versa.
It was a hay of a good time! 
Awesome nature walks

Look at all these apples!
I like the low hanging fruit. 

I am going to eat this? Can I eat it?

Yum! Best apple ever!

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