Monday, November 12, 2012

Time for an update

I really wish I was better at blogging.  I promised myself I would blog just as often while off with the kids, but there is just NO time.  Thank god for iPhones and blackberries because it's even rare for me to pick up a camera these days!

Anyway, I feel like (despite the VERY warm temperature today) we are quickly heading into the colder months. I am even excited for it.  I am just bursting with anticipation for the holidays and simply CAN NOT WAIT to decorate. I think it's a combination of this house, having these little guys crawling and running around and just my love of the season!

So Egan is SEVEN MONTHS now.  Ha, well actually he is almost 7 1/2 months.  He is doing SO much that maybe that's another reason I don't get a chance to blog. He's moving TOO FAST.  Literally over night this kid just before he turned 7 months starting pulling up on everything, and even has started to furniture surf a little! WHOA!

It's too fun to watch him chase Rory down the hall and manoeuvre all over the living room. We honestly never know where we are going to find this little guy!

Egan's first tooth (on the bottom) FINALLY popped through this weekend.  I'd love to say/think this was the cause of all of the sleeping issues we have at night with him... but I know I'd be fooling myself. Egan is just a baby that likes to snuggle. He prefers to sleep right between Peter and I, snuggled in, and nice and warm. In fact, he likes to cuddle period.  You know, I used to fret over this, think we should sleep train... blah blah blah. But, I think we've accepted this is the way this little guy likes to sleep so we're embracing it.  He won't sleep between us forever, so we're just enjoying it.

And it's hard not to appreciate how priceless moments like these are...

Enjoying what's left of the warm fall days!

And cozy mornings

Rory these days is literally two years old, turning 5 any day. He talks in full sentences and says the funniest things. He has even started to mimic me. HA!  What a little monkey!!!  He loves to ride his bike and he sleeps, eats, breathes his trains and trucks.   He sings songs, can finish sentences in the books we read him and he can wash his own hands, open the fridge, and ask (read- demand) what he wants for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Quiet moments with our little boy on the run are rare, but now that he is sleeping in his "big boy bed"  we are able to catch frequent cuddles at night with him.  Putting a double bed into his room vs. the traditional toddler bed was the best thing for us.  I wouldn't trade my cuddle time in Rory's room for anything.

Life is good. We are happy, and preparing for new changes in a month from now. I will write more on that later, for today, we're just enjoying loving each other.

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