Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eight Months

Wow, what can change in a month!  Time is literally flying and my days at home with my little boys are short.  I've been offered an amazing job and I am going back to work in a week!   As you can imagine, it was a decision that has weighed heavily on my heart.  I love my days with wee Egan and Rory but I feel that this is a good opportunity for our entire family.  Peter is going to be taking some leave with the boys until April and I know all three of them are going to LOVE that.  They're going to have a cozy little winter together while mommy gets acquainted with the outside world and work again.

Little Egan isn't so little anymore.  This little guy becomes more of a sweet little boy every day.  He is cruising around furniture, climbing stairs, pushing things and walking along with them, clapping, waving, and babbling non-stop.  He loves playing chase with his big brother and is interested in anything Rory is doing.  He has two teeth, still is a terrible sleeper, but gets cuter and funnier everyday, so he's worth it.

I plan on soaking up every minute I can next week with the boys as we prepare the house for Christmas. I can't wait to have our first Christmas here as a family of four. Our family really does feel pretty complete these days.


Playing trucks with his big brother
Pushing boxes and walking along with them
Sneaking up on Rory
Tackling his brother

Mommy Love

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