Monday, October 24, 2011

Uh Oh

Aside from just repeating the word "no" over and over again... "Uh oh", is Rory's new favourite saying... that and "ohhhhhh nooooo".  It is not lost on us that the timing of the over use of these three expressions coincides directly with a whole lotta crazy we have added to our lives as of late.

So to explain... just as we were about to kick off another major reno (adding that 3rd bedroom), we thought we'd kick the chaos up a notch and put our house up for sale instead. Told you. CRAZY

In a nut shell we asked ourselves over the Thanksgiving long weekend if we were making good decisions or not?  Why invest time, energy and money into something we don't want for the long term, when we could be spending the same time and energy removing obstacles from that path that will get us to where we DO want to be?  Makes sense so far right?   Sure...  So, together with some sound advice from our real estate agents, we've decided to throw our house on the market and see what we get for it.  If we don't get what we want, we just don't sell - easy right?  It just really begs the question of what our plans are regarding living arrangements if our house indeed sells?  Well, we've decided we'll cross that bridge later.  I know, who are we? And should we be caring for a child and a 1/2 if we're this reckless? To be determined my friends...

So, What I think we under estimated, was the work involved in getting a house market ready. Not to mention getting a house market ready while caring for a toddler AND while pregnant.  And in 5 days.

Peter and I have been working our tails off.  NOT alone thankfully. We have had amazing help from my mom, my aunt Theresa, Peter's parents and the Bubster.  And as of last night, I am happy to tell you that in 5 days, FIVE DAYS, we have completed a 9 page to do list. Have a look if you don't believe me.

We now have a brand new family space in the basement, a dry and cozy laundry room, new light fixtures, a clutter free home, and more effing lilies placed by our agents than my nose knows what to do with.

Now we just need to keep it clean until the open houses this weekend.  Rory didn't mind dinner out tonight judging by the ketchup all over his face.

You know even if we don't sell... convincing yourself that you might isn't a bad tactic to get some serious projects and de-cluttering done. I totally recommend it, just not while pregnant.

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