Monday, October 31, 2011

My little Superman

What a super little guy Rory has been through the absolute chaos of trying to sell our home. I honestly had no idea how difficult putting your home up for sale could be.  And... getting the work done/staging it before it is listed... is really only the half of it.

I feel like we have been squatting in our own home for over a week. Not really "living" there, just sleeping and trying really really really hard not to make a mess. And stay sane. We escaped the madness this weekend and took Rory out of town to regain a little of the sanity we started with, and a side of family harmony as well. 

Offers are due Wednesday and regardless of what actually results, life can finally return to normal. Our version of "normal" anyway.

Rory is 16 months now, talking up a storm, showing us his little personality and also his emerging "two-ness" as well. :)

Here is our little superman this morning and from his Halloween party with his mat leave buddies Saturday at the  Brick Works.

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