Monday, October 10, 2011

I am thankful for...

My amazing little man who grows bigger everyday, and who as it happens... is talking up a storm these days!!!  His word of the weekend was "Jenna". Over and over again he said Jenna. Even in his sleep. No doubt because his sweet cousin took such good care of him all weekend and spent so much time playing with him.

But honestly, how fun is it when kids start repeating or at least trying to repeat... everything you say? Given Rory now tries to say practically everything we do, we're on an official "watch your mouth" rule at our house.

And let's be honest, the rule is ALL for me.

And a huge apology to all the friends and family we missed this holiday.  We've returned to Toronto less one ear and eye infection and + three colds.   Consider us avoiding everyone a holiday gift really. None of us were great company. Ask my mom.

Here are some of the happier shots from what was thankfully, a very sunny (weather wise) weekend.


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