Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today our little bundle of love is two weeks old.  It’s really hard to believe. Hard to believe still that I am a mom, that Peter is a dad, and that we have a son. But also hard to imagine our lives without this little guy now too.  I am nervous to put this out there given every time I told you things were going exceptionally well when I was pregnant they would head south quickly… but things are going really well.  I didn’t think I would adjust to being a mom so easily, or so quickly, but I have, we have.  And I love it. We love it. Our little family two weeks in, has faired extremely well. Knock on wood.

Our biggest concern these days is making sure Rory is eating well.  And he is! This week at his weigh in we were delighted to find out he has gained back his birth weight and some… he will be a strapping young lad in no time.  Breastfeeding has also been going well (knock on wood again), sure there are challenging moments… like how hot and gross it is right now, and believe me when I tell you that skin to skin contact just isn’t that precious when the humidex is above 43 degrees. Or the sorting out of supply and demand so I am not in a constant state of throbbing soreness… but all the little challenges seem so insignificant when we look at this little guy.  He won’t be this little forever, so we are savoring every moment. And as much as I want to see him grow and gain weight, I also want these moments of our babymoon with just the three of us to last forever.

Speaking of babymoon, we’re in the home stretch. Peter heads back to work on Monday of next week. I well up with tears at the thought of it. Like as I am typing now.  I would love to keep the three of us in the little perfect babymoon cocoon we have been living in forever. To sleep as we wish, to eat healthy, to have time to talk and to laugh, to take long walks, to run errands as we please and of course to stare at our baby as he grows and changes by the day. It’s been wonderful.   So as the babymoon winds down, Rory and I are winding up our “playcation”.  In other words, making playdates to keep us socializing (and mommy not too lonely that she gets sad).

So as we celebrate the first two weeks of Rory’s life, here are a few new pictures to share with you.  Yeah, he knows how to give thumbs up already. Smart kid.

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